Earning Points

When you shop our online store, you automatically receive 25 Diva Points for every dollar spent. Diva Points  are automatically calculated and added to your account after a successful checkout.

Using Points

The next time you shop at our online boutique, your points will automatically be available to you at checkout. You can decide how many points you want to use towards your purchase – from zero to all of your total points. If you choose to use your available Diva Points towards your purchase, a corresponding discount is automatically shown in your cart balance. If not, your Diva Points are retained until your next visit. You can choose to save or spend your Diva Points as you wish.

Viewing Points

You can view your current points anytime by logging into your account at and clicking on My Account – My Profile & Diva Points located at the top right of every page. Your account will display all your purchases and earned Diva Points for each purchase as well as a grand total of Diva Points available.


Diva Points can only be redeemed towards purchases on and have no cash value. Diva Points are automatically removed from your account on any returned purchases. Diva Points are non-transferable. In the unlikely event that the Diva Points program ends, customers will be notified with a 30-day notice. It will be responsibility of the customer to spend their Diva Points prior to program ending or they will lose them permanently. has the right to alter the ‘redemption conversion rate’ and ‘earn rate’ of Diva Points at any time without notice. Current ‘earn rate’ will always be posted on this page.